Fundraiser Events

Fundraiser Events are an excellent way to draw attention to a special cause and raise money for support and awareness. Real Event Designs will simplify the planning process and ensure your fundraiser is a success!

Assistance Planning

Real Event Designs will help with all the planning necessary to ensure your Fundraiser is successful. From helping you identify your fundraising goal and purpose, setting a budget, marketing and promotion, as well as finding a location, preparing a menu,  sourcing entertainment, and providing decor.

Sourcing Vendors

Real Event Designs will work diligently to source the appropriate vendors for your event. You tell us what you would like and we will obtain quotes and pricing, secure services as well as coordinate the planning of your event.


At Real Event Designs, we're proud to offer a truly inspired boutique rental opportunity no matter the size or purpose of the event. We offer a range of luxury event props, decor items, and decorative furnishings, as well as a variety of accessories, layouts, seating and lighting choices to enhance your event.

Event Coordination

Real Event Designs will coordinate and plan a successful event for you. We will ensure that all the details are planned and executed, as well as all vendors are informed of their role and performance expectations at your event.

Looking For Something More Custom?

Don't feel like our fixed event packages are all we can deliver. It's just a starting point! We take pride in making people's dreams come true and that means delivering custom services, decorations and venues in order to get the job done. Don't be afraid to ask - we accept the challenge!

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